It’s often said that these few years were an era of change. No exception, online shopping has changed from unidirectional e-commerce to interactive video commerce. Customers are getting tired of online shops that feel cold as photos and words aren’t enough for them. In order to retain them, merchants are trying to make online shops more like physical ones, and this exercise is known as “phygitalisation”.

Meanwhile, brand image is just as pivotal for online businesses. If your image doesn’t pop and customers don’t remember your brand, they just won’t come back. These are the reasons behind Boutir’s latest update. We’ve added features of shoppable video and livestream as well as custom page, header and footer. As the only one-stop mobile app that manages online shops and shoots videos, we help you get ready for video commerce.

Advantages of video commerce

Moving pictures draw more attention than still ones because they are interactive. When customers feel the interaction, the same way as a shop assistant telling product stories in a physical shop, they will feel welcomed and be more willing to buy. Imagine entering a physical shop where no one looks at you and there are only catalogues for you to thumb through. You won’t want to buy anything or stay any longer in that shop, will you?

On the subject of leaving a shop, videos are a great tool for making customers stay longer. The theory is simple: videos are series of images, and they take longer to skim through than a single one. This duration might be more important than you would think. When a customer stays longer in an online shop, they tend to want to browse more products. In other words, they’re more likely to make a purchase. In Botuir’s experience, compared to online shops without videos, those that tell their brand and product stories with videos raise their product click rate by 19 times, purchase rate by 2, and average order value by 4. So don’t underestimate the power of video commerce.

Boutir’s new features

Boutir’s latest update includes video features that you can find in the “Video” tab on the homepage. From there you can shoot shoppable videos so customers can look at products from various angles. They can even watch the products move, for example, clothes on a model. Not only do shoppable videos stimulate interaction and make customers stay longer, but, as they’re vertical by default, they can be shot easily with one single hand holding a mobile phone.

Another new feature is shoppable live streaming. You can have a host talk about products in a live event while customers raise questions that the host can answer right away to create a strong interactive vibe. You can also streamline the shopping process by tagging products in a livestream so customers can click and buy without the need to pause the livestream or switch websites. Livestreams can be saved for replay, extending their advertising effect. You can multi-stream to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube so as to direct traffic from there to your online shop. If you only stream on those platforms, customers can only leave comments and pay afterwards if they want to make a purchase. You then need to match each and every order with its payment receipt, while Boutir does that for you and saves you a lot of time.

We also present greeting videos. Merchants can make a short video, in which they greet their customers and do a brief introduction of their shops, to put on their homepage. This simulates shop assistants welcoming customers in brick-and-mortar shops to create a friendly atmosphere, and is another way to “phygitalise” your online shop.

If you have already made some product videos for your Facebook or Instagram shop and don’t feel like making new ones, you can reuse them. You can even import them directly from Instagram through Boutir Web Portal from a desktop device, simplifying the process of advertising.

Having spent time and effort on video production, you may want to know how successful the videos turn out. If you only rely on social media or video streaming websites, you never know how many customers come to your online shop after watching your videos or livestreams. But if you do that through a Boutir online shop, the app shows various data clearly. You’ll have insights into your videos in terms of number of viewers, product click rate, interaction in the chat room, numbers of live and replay viewers, and even the numbers of mobile and desktop viewers. You then can analyse your customers’ preferences in order to adjust your video production and product varieties.

Tap “View Insights” to view various video data.

Besides videos, your brand image is another important tool that keeps customers coming back. Physical shops are decorated in unique styles to impress customers. It’s the same for online shops, and that’s why we added the Design tab in Boutir Web Portal, where merchants can design their online shop’s pages, header and footer. For all of these we provide a few styles for merchants to choose from for easy operation.

Boutir Web Portal’s new Design function.

Last but not least, as we aim to make everything more convenient than it already is, the Design function is going to appear in our app, too. Stay tuned.

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