Do you want to create pages that help potential customers gain information about your brand and products from your online store? Boutir has launched a feature called “Customized Page” that enables you to use different components (e.g. banner, image, video, text, etc.) to create a unique page. This can help build your brand image with ease.

Note: This feature only applies to merchants who are subscribing to our Business PLUS service plan.

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Common Types of Customized Pages

1. Our Brand

As is well known, there is a page called “About Us” which is created by default in your online store, but only texts can be added. Now you can upload images and videos about your brand to your customized page, helping potential customers gain a better understanding of it.

2. Product Knowledge

Besides key features, this customized page can include a Q&A session about your products, which can give a quick response to relevant customer inquiries.

3. What’s News

Although some potential customers may not follow your social media accounts, they can still get the latest information about your discounts and service from this page. If you have received media coverage, you can add related links to the page so customers can take them as references. This can build their confidence in your business.

4. How to Pay

Some potential customers abandon their cart as they do not know how to complete their purchase. If you create this customized page, customers can follow your instruction to finish the checkout process, which is useful for improving your conversion rate.

5. External Link

If you have created other websites for your brand, such as a blog and a MeWe page, you can add them as external links to the header menu of your online store. Potential customers can click them to visit corresponding websites to get more information about your brand.

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In addition to “Customized Page”, you can make use of the following features to add more branding elements to your store, helping potential customers get familiar with your brand:

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