Founded in 1997 in Johor Bahru, LiTZ began as a modest jewelry store. Over the years, it grew into an award-winning jewelry brand, recognized both for its tradition and for pioneering digital innovation in Malaysia’s e-commerce for jewelry. Litz’s story is a testament to their commitment to excellence, from crafting exquisite pieces of jewelry to setting industry e-commerce standards. Dive into the Litz journey as they embrace change, adapt to the digital age, and continue to sparkle brighter than ever before.
Boutir Malaysia Success Story LiTZ store located in the heart of Johor Bahru

Merchant’s Background

From its humble beginnings, Litz has rapidly grown into a jewelry giant. In just over two decades, they have expanded to over 10 physical stores, and in just 7 years, they’ve greatly expanded their online presence. Recognized as an official store on major platforms like Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora luxury fine jewelry selection, Litz has consistently led the leaderboards of these platforms. Their dedication to excellence shines brightly, winning awards like the 2019 Laz Elite and being featured on MediaCorp and TV3. Beyond these accolades, their unique approach to jewelry design, which offers customers the freedom to customize, is backed by skilled craftsmen who ensure perfection.


Litz’s initial promotional strategies, primarily via WhatsApp and Facebook, had its share of challenges. Fragmented information led to a disjointed customer experience, a hurdle they urgently needed to overcome given their expanding customer base. Additionally, the constraints of operating on big marketplaces meant that Litz often had to adapt to the platform’s ever-changing campaigns, rules, and regulations, potentially hampering their ability to showcase their unique strengths.

Decision Process

When it comes to staying ahead in the jewelry industry, Mr. Soh, the owner of Litz, believes in proactively seeking out the latest trends. Every year, he travels to Hong Kong to understand the market trends. It was during one of these trips that he noticed businesses in Hong Kong were actively embracing technology and digitalization, at that time E-commerce in Malaysia was still a new thing. This realization became more profound when he learned that Mabelle, an industry leader with 70 branches across Asia had chosen Boutir for their online ecommerce website. 

Leveraging his Computer Science background, Mr. Soh critically assessed Boutir. For him, it was important that the platform was secure, stable, and scalable, especially if Litz was to reach customers beyond Malaysia. User-friendliness was also a top concern; he wanted a seamless transition for his team. While many agencies offer complex website services, Boutir stood out with its user-friendly interface. Addressing challenges like international hosting, and integrating local payment and logistics solutions, Boutir emerged as the perfect fit for Litz.


Transitioning to the Boutir e-commerce website was smooth, with Litz adopting the platform swiftly. Boutir’s video-centric approach to commerce significantly enhanced Litz’s online customer experience. Challenges like payment integrations, which could have been stumbling blocks, were swiftly managed with proactive support from Boutir’s customer service.


Boutir eCommerce Website allows the Litz team to operate the store effortlessly, with little to no extensive training required. What sets Boutir apart is its video-centric website design, elevating their video commerce efforts. These videos allow customers to appreciate the jewelry’s true shine and beauty without switching between platforms. As a result, Litz has seen their visitors spend 4 times longer on their site, boosting both engagement and sales conversions. Additionally, with their own website, Litz has greater control over their brand identity, shielding them from the unpredictable influences of the marketplace.

Boutir Malaysia Merchant LiTZ Video Centric eCommerce Website

Future Plan/Outlook

Litz’s gaze is set on further expansion, with territories like Singapore on their radar. Observing shifting consumer habits, they are heavily investing in digital expansion, especially online video content, given its undeniable appeal to younger demographics. Mr. Soh envisions generating a more significant share of revenue through their brand’s website, leveraging insights and data for sustainable growth.


Litz’s evolution from a traditional store in Johor Bahru to an e-commerce pioneer in Malaysia is genuinely commendable. While their partnership with Boutir has undoubtedly amplified their online presence, it’s Litz’s unyielding commitment to excellence and innovation that stands out. As they strategize for the future, Litz continues to be a shining example of the harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and digital innovation.

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