Reveal products or offer for livestream audience

Sell products at a time-limited offers and reveal it during Live is a good sales tactic. You can now pin your unlisted products in order to provide an exclusive discount for your live audience only!

Learn More:  NEW UPDATES! | Unlisted products are available on Boutir! Create unlisted shopping pages with ease!

Who can use this feature?
Video Commerce plan subscribers (Please contact us if you are interested)

Facebook Messenger: 


Feature animated images on homepage

You can now set GIF as your product photo. Your customer can see your variants at a glance without clicking into the product details page! 

Who can use this feature?

Subscribers of all tiers of plans

Add as many custom pages as you want  

As your business grows, you want to tell more stories through more custom pages. We know 10 pages is not sufficient for your business. You can now create more. 

Learn more:  Create A Unique Customized Page | Help Build Your Brand Image

Who can use this feature?

Essentials, Video commerce plan subscribers 

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