As live shopping was predicted to be one of the biggest e-commerce trends of the future, many retailers are trying to host live-stream events on their social media platforms, promoting their latest products by themselves. 

In a bid to incentivize customers to watch the live video, it is very common for merchants to give them exclusive offers during the broadcast, such as products at discounted prices, a limited-time promo code, etc. To facilitate the operation, Boutir recently launched a new feature called “Unlisted product”.

Note: This feature only applies to merchants who are subscribing to Boutir’s Business or Business PLUS service plan.

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What does “Unlisted product” mean?

As its name suggests, merchants can change the visibility of a product using this feature. They can determine whether or not a product is listed on their storefront. If it becomes private, customers cannot find it when browsing the website. 

If customers want to purchase a product that is invisible in the store, merchants have to share its link with them first.

Under what circumstances should merchants use this feature?

1. Collaborations with KOLs

To raise brand awareness and acquire new customers, some merchants choose to collaborate with celebrities and micro-influencers, promoting the newest products on their social media platforms by sharing product links with special offers. To make the discounts exclusive for their followers, merchants can utilize the feature so visitors cannot view the product on the storefront. 

2. Member benefits

To build and maintain loyal customers, merchants can develop a membership program in which customers can get exclusive offers from time to time. Apart from selling products at member prices, some merchants try to reach this goal by allowing members to purchase products that are considered as free gifts, or not officially launched in a market. This feature enables merchants to provide such a benefit to their selected members (e.g. loyal customers who make purchases frequently) by making a published product invisible on their storefront.

There is also a tip for developing your membership program. If merchants are selling products to the public and businesses (i.e. retailers and wholesalers) simultaneously, they are recommended to set product prices by tiers. For example, the general public and businesses can be tier 1 and 2 members respectively, and they can purchase products at the corresponding member prices.

3. Different price settings for customers in different regions

After creating multiple payment links for the same product, merchants can make them invisible using the feature, and share the links to customers in the corresponding regions. This can prevent customers from buying products with a wrong payment link, and make the whole purchasing process seamless.

4. Employee benefits

This also applies when merchants allow their employees to purchase products at staff prices. Without this feature, they are required to provide the discount by creating a promo code that is exclusive to the workers.

5. Live shopping

As mentioned above, some merchants try to advertise their products by creating live videos on their social media channels, with a view to getting adapted to the latest marketing and e-commerce trend. To attract customers to attend the live event, merchants can utilize this feature to create discounted products exclusively for viewers.

A tip for using this feature

For merchants who use this feature and want to display all discounted products clearly on one page, it is highly recommended for them to utilize a feature called “Customized page”. Please be reminded that merchants should not add the unlisted shopping page to the header menu. Otherwise, it will appear on the storefront and everyone can access it. For details, please read our tutorial: ​​

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