A majority of merchants use Facebook to advertise new products and promotions. Besides posting content via Facebook page, some may build other Facebook assets for different marketing statics. For instance, Business Manager, Ad account, Catalog, Pixel and so on.

However, the steps to establish Facebook assets are cumbersome, often making merchants light-headed. In light of this, Boutir and Facebook have developed and launched the latest “Facebook Business Extension 2.0 jointly. Merchants only need to deal with simple settings to build all kinds of Facebook assets. Moreover, these assets can be connected to online stores, acting as a crucial role in promoting online stores.

FBE 2.0 helps me to build Facebook Assets? How is it helpful to my Business?

Through FBE 2.0, merchants can promptly build the following assets, or link existing assets with online stores, increasing the efficiency of online store operation and e-commerce:

  • Shop & Catalog
    • Catalog can save product information required in Facebook Ad, enabling you to create Collection Ads and Dynamic Ads
    • By setting up Facebook Shop, you can add product labels on graphics when you create a post (refer to the following screenshot); when customers are interested in viewing detailed product information, Facebook will guide them to your Facebook Shop
    • It can also enable you to create your Instagram Shop, promoting products more effectively in Instagram
    • Boutir merchants connect Catalog to their online stores – without deliberately entering Catalog to edit product information, merchants can update relevant information instantly, saving management time to a large extent
  • Facebook Pixel
    • Collect data from online stores; Through analyzing data, it enables you to understand interactions between customers and your online store, review advertising results, as well as improve the follow-up advertising strategies.
    • Allow you to create remarketing ads accurately, raising old customers’ purchasing incentives
    • Help you analyze characteristics of customers, in order to find out potential customers
  • Ad Account
    • Create and manage different Ad activities
    • View bill information of Ad activities
    • Assign different degrees of use permission to people, so that they can help you to manage ad activities 
  • Business Manager
    • Centralized construction and management of multiple resources, such as Facebook Page, Instagram account, Ad Target Audience List, Product Catalog and more
    • Control Users’ use permission, properly distribute access rights to people who manage your ad account, page and applications
    • Track Facebook and Instagram Ads more effectively, view Ad expense and Ad impressions’ overall situation and detailed information conveniently

After having Facebook Assets set up and connected, Boutir Users can use “Self-served Ad Feature” in our Boutir APP! You only need around 15 minutes to finish all advertising procedures. Thus, you can easily create Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences (DABA) and Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), attracting different types of customers to shop at your online store! For more details:

If you, as one of the Boutir merchants, want to promote products and promotions of your online store on Facebook, then FBE 2 is what you must need! To know how to use FBE 2.0, please browse the article below:

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