[The First Platform enabling you to Create Ads on Mobile Phones] Boutir empowers you to set up online stores at one-stop, as well as creating Facebook Advertisements!

Want to advertise on Facebook but have no clue how to get started? By following only simple steps with Boutir, you can easily start your ads on Facebook!

In recent years, online shopping has become a major trend. And that’s why many merchants have set up online stores, catering to the needs of consumers. Do you believe that once you’ve established an online store, sales and business will come to you automatically? Many rookie owners make the common mistake of operating online shops in the state of mind – “What will be, will be”. Indeed, having opened an online store without advertising is an absolute waste! Therefore, in order to increase business turnover, performing well in digital marketing is an indispensable part!

Now Facebook has over 5 million monthly active users in Hong Kong, accounting for over 90% of Internet users in Hong Kong, making it one of the most influential advertising platforms in Hong Kong. However, some merchants find Facebook advertising quite complicated, for example, lots of system settings to be dealt with beforehand, which results in too many steps. Merchants can do nothing but just follow the cumbersome procedures.

Boutir understands the plight of merchants. As one of Facebook’s PREFERRED PARTNERS, Boutir has developed an effective feature to help merchants jointly. In July 2020, Boutir launched a new “Self-served Ad Feature”, becoming the first company to develop the function of placing ads only using mobile phones! The objective is to enable merchants who lack time to study Facebook advertising skills to place Dynamic Ads for Broad Audience (DABA) and Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) easily!

Since November 2021, this feature has also enabled merchants to promote their product, service and page by placing the following ads on Facebook or Instagram:

  • Single image ad
  • Multiple image ad
  • Single video ad

To place these 3 types of ads, please open our app and click Promotion > Create (FACEBOOK ADVERTISING) > Advanced setting > Other Facebook and Instagram Ad. Our system will comply with your request for the ad placement after you submit our application form to upload ad content. If you have any questions, please contact our Custome Success Team.

All you need to place ads is your mobile phone – Boutir’s Advertising functions can solve your following problems and queries!

1. Placing ads is extra complicated and difficult. You can only do it with professional knowledge.

Placing ads in Boutir APP doesn’t require complicated and difficult Facebook advertising procedures. Once you have all the documents ready, you can create effective ads within 3 minutes! Placing Dynamic Ads for Broad Audience (DABA) can target audiences who are interested in similar products and advertise widely; Meanwhile Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) can utilize Facebook Pixel to gather a list of users that had viewed / added certain products to shopping cart but not yet completed the checkout process. Then DPA can advertise according to products they have been interested in.

2. There are loads of information to be prepared before placing ads, like Business Manager, Ad Account, Facebook Pixel and more, really troublesome!

Solution: Boutir and Facebook have developed and launched the latest “Facebook Business Extension 2.0 jointly.

As one of Facebook’s PREFERRED PARTNERS, Boutir has installed Facebook Extension in the system. You can click on “Promotion” in our Boutir APP to complete the settings in no longer than 1 minute!

3. Merchants have to prepare images and add links to their ads themselves, wasting a lot of time!

Solution: Boutir enables you to finish the tasks in our one-stop APP! (Inapplicable to “Other Facebook Ad”)

For online stores using Boutir, there is no need to prepare additional advertising images and product links. Merchants can simply use product images and purchasing links when advertising, saving more time!


Q1. What is the difference between using Boutir’s “Self-served Ad Feature” and placing ads directly on Facebook?

As illustrated in the above, Boutir understands that the procedures of placing ads on Facebook are complicated and cumbersome, thus many merchants hesitate to try. Therefore, in July this year, Boutir launched a new “Self-served Ad Feature”. Boutir is the first company in Hong Kong to collaborate with Facebook and develop the function of converting to target ads directly from mobile phones!

By using “Self-served Ad Feature”, even if merchants have no time to learn related operation skills, they can still place different ads easily on Facebook, such as Dynamic Ads for Broad Audience (DABA) and Dynamic Product Ads (DPA). They can view advertisement performance directly in our APP as well.

Q2. What are Dynamic Ads for Broad Audience? What are Dynamic Product Ads?

  • Dynamic Ads for Broad Audience can advertise audiences who are interested in similar products in large scale
  • Dynamic Product Ads advertise products that people have already been interested in, targeting those users who had viewed / added certain products to the shopping cart but not yet completed the checkout process, according to data collected from online stores by Facebook Pixel.

In other words, Dynamic Product Ads aim at audiences who have been to the online store, or even interested in merchants’ products; and Dynamic Ads for Broad Audience helps merchants with exploring new potential customers.

Q3. Will Boutir charge any fees?

Boutir will charge 15% of the advertisement budget as service charge. If the advertising budget is $500, then Boutir will charge a $75 service charge.

Q4. Will Boutir monitor my advertisement performance?

Boutir aims to provide a platform where merchants can place and manage their own Facebook ads through the “Self-served Ad Feature”. Merchants can obtain different ad data from our App, such as “Ad Impressions”, “Total purchase”, “Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)”, etc. They can also track the effectiveness of their ads through Facebook Insight / Google Analytics in the APP. Therefore, Boutir will not play the role of an advertising agency. We would only offer guidance and help to merchants on monitoring advertising performance, such as providing relevant data and tutorials.

Q5. What do I need to prepare before advertising?

Merchants need to prepare:

  • Open a Facebook page for your online store
  • The Facebook page should have at least 20 likes and 5 posts
  • Upload at least 5 products to your online store. If there are less than 5 products, advertisements will not be published successfully. For each product, you should provide at least 3 photos (they will also be used as advertising images)
  • Set up and connect all Facebook Assets (e.g. Pixel, Shop, Catalog) through Facebook Extension
  • Write ad content, determine ad budget, advertising period and target audience
  • Read relevant articles from Boutir
  • Caution:
    • A 15% service charge will be charged for advertisements placed via Boutir
    • While using the “Self-served Ad Feature”, if the system requires merchants to verify the domain and set up events, please contact Boutir Customer Success Team. The contact methods are as follows:

We understand that everyone comes across difficulties when operating an online store. And you need professional assistance from us. Therefore we have prepared for you the following:

  1. Online Store Set Up Workshop

We empower you to open an exclusive online store, and to be outstanding even under the fierce competitions in the retail market. Build your own online store, and join our 2-hour hands-on workshop now: boutir.com/seminar

  1. 1-on-1 Online Store Set Up Consultation

Not only does our Professional E-commerce Team deal with a variety of problems regarding online store set-up, but we also provide consultations. We’d first get to know your business strategies in great depth, then give advice correspondingly.

Join now: https://www.boutir.com/consultation

Boutir Official Website: www.boutir.com

Contact Boutir Customer Success Team: m.me/boutir.hk

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