In the busy center of Penang, you’ll find PANZI, a unique dress store. What makes them special isn’t just their fashionable clothes but their commitment to helping every customer find the perfect dress. PANZI is a place for both daily outfits and special occasions.Their journey with Boutir, a leading Video-Centric eCommerce website solution, has been about growing, changing, and making the most of online shopping. This is their story.

Boutir Malaysia Success Story PANZI store located in the heart of Penang

Merchant’s Background

For many Asian consumers, finding clothes that cater to their specific body types and styles can be hard. Often, after ordering online, they would get clothes that didn’t fit well. The founders of PANZI, once consumers themselves, recognized this gap in the market, so they decided to venture into this business. They began with a small stall in a shopping center and now have a thriving online store and physical shop that attracts many customers. If you’re looking for a stunning formal dress for a special occasion or just a cool outfit for daily wear, they’ve got lots of choices. PANZI have everything, from beautiful long dresses for nights out to stylish party dresses. You can find both the newest styles and some all-time favorites in their collection.


In today’s world, everyone’s shopping online. This made PANZI realize the importance of having their own online store. Selling merely on marketplaces led PANZI into a price war, which was tough for their business. Also, Without their own website but just Social Media Pages, it was hard for people to find them online. This is why they really needed their own eCommerce Website to show their difference compared to others. 

Other than that, Before they had a website, PANZI talked to customers mainly using WhatsApp. They would spend about 10-15 minutes chatting with each customer, sending pictures and videos of their clothes. This way of doing things took a lot of their time. For example, they spent 2-3 hours just chatting with 10 customers every day. Also, customers often lost track of the pictures in long chat histories, making shopping confusing and a bad experience.

Decision Process

Finding the right platform for an online shop was important for PANZI. They asked around, and her friend introduced her to Boutir. But what really made them choose Boutir wasn’t just the features it offered, but also the prompt customer support help from the Boutir team. Quick response is a must in online business, and Boutir was always there to help. On top of that, PANZI are impressed with how simple it was to upload videos and photos directly from their mobile phone. They can also easily create unlimited customized pages to fit their business needs. Plus, Boutir offers good local payments and deliveries options for their customers.


Building a new website can often be a tricky task. However, PANZI found setting up their online business straightforward with Boutir. Using Boutir’s drag-and-drop tool, they built their site without needing any coding skill. Whenever they got stuck during the setup, Boutir offered complete FAQ articles and live customer support were there to help. So in just a few days, PANZI had their store set up and running.

PANZI Video-Centric eCommerce website on Boutir.
Screenshot of PANZI Video-Centric eCommerce website on Boutir


Since PANZI started using Boutir for their Video-Centric eCommerce website, they have managed to bring back the human-touch back to their online store, not only providing their customer the best shopping experience, their customers can also browse the products clearly and have fewer questions too. They can also direct customers to their online store, serving 3X more people than before. This change has saved them time and made their online shopping experience much better than before.

After having a Website, PANZI has more visibility on the internet like Google. More importantly, They don’t have to compete with others just on price anymore. Instead, they can show off their special products, their unique consultation service and stand out more, keeping their own unique style.

Future Plans/Outlook

PANZI is now doing even better with Boutir help. Boutir isn’t just a solution for shops like PANZI, but for anyone who wants to grow their online business. With Boutir, PANZI isn’t just selling more; they’re elevating their brand and becoming more unique, reaching out to more people, making the online shopping experience better for their customers, getting more sales, and making them become more productive.


PANZI’s success with Boutir shows how working with the right partner can help a business to grow. In today’s digital world, it’s essential to have a robust and Video-Centric eCommerce website. Boutir helps PANZI grow stronger every day, and together, they’re aiming high.

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