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What requirements do merchants need to fulfil for the automated service?

  • Hong Kong merchants who are able to access our Desktop CMS
  • Looking for simplifying logistics processes
  • Having parcels delivered via Lalamove, or interested in Lalamove’s delivery service
  • Able to print waybills out with a printer
  • Having a single location for couriers to pick up your parcels
  • Having credits deposited to your Boutir account before using the automated service. For details, please refer to this article:

How is the service charge calculated?

Delivery cost

≤ 2.00 kg$38
2.01 kg – 3.00 kg$45
3.01 kg – 5.00 kg$45
5.01 kg – 10.00 kg$70
10.01 kg – 20.00 kg$80

Additional cost

Outlying area – Sha Tau Kok / Lau Fau Shan / Lung Kwu Tan / Tai Mei Tuk $20
Outlying area – Tung Chung / Hong Kong International Airport / Ma Wan$20
Extra services – Stairs charge per floor per box$8

* Note:

  • This rate card is for reference only. The latest version shall prevail in the case of multiple versions. For details, please contact our Customer Success team.
  • When customers decide to receive their parcel via the automated service provided by Lalamove, it costs $38 by default:

    If it is possible for customers to have a parcel with a weight of over 2 kg, please create a product called “Delivery Cost” first so that they can compensate for the cost difference.

How to enable the automated service?

What is the delivery process?

How to top up my account? How many credits should I add to my account?

How to Top Up & View Account Status?

Please tap “Promotion” on the homepage of Boutir app > “Manage credit” first

Then you can view your account status on the “Credit History” page:

  • Available credit: remaining credit which can be used immediately
  • Reserved credit: credit which system has reserved for desired advertisements you set

The lower section will display credits’ inflow and outflow of your account in chronological order. In addition, you can tap the filtering option in the upper right corner, and then choose the expense history you need.

Tap “Top up” and top up your account. The minimum top-up amount is $100; please note that once you have topped up, all funds are not refundable.

How many credits should I add to my account?

As businesses vary in the number of orders and shipping arrangement, you are recommended to take the delivery spending in the last month as a reference.

When you have not enough credits in your account to pay the delivery fee, you will receive our in-app notification. Please top up your account first, and then download your packing slip from our desktop CMS.

Also, you should:

  1. Check the amount of your credits every week for adjustments, and
  2. Increase your top-up value by 10-30% before any shopping festival or event starts

Reminders for users

  • You cannot choose the type of vehicles for the delivery
  • Parcels limits:
    • Maximum size (L × W × H): 40x40x40cm
    • Maximum weight: 10 kg
    • No fragile and frozen products
    • You need to pack the order and stick the relevant packing slip to its package yourself before a courier or driver from Lalamove arrives at your pick up location.
  • The automated service only applies to:
    • Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories (Except Outlying Islands and Remote Areas; An additional cost of $20 will be charged for any delivery to Sha Tau Kok, Lau Fau Shan, Lung Kwu Tan, Tai Mei Tuk, Tung Chung, Hong Kong International Airport and Ma Wan)
    • An additional stair fee of $8 will be charged per floor per box for any delivery to buildings without a lift, or any situation in which their lift cannot be used during the delivery.
    • Door-to-door delivery; To avoid delivery failure, please do not provide an address of any smart locker or self pick-up point
    • Their next day delivery service:
      • You need to inform Lalamove that your parcel is ready to pick up via our desktop CMS by noon (12:00 pm) so that their courier or driver will pick it up in the afternoon on the same day, and it will be delivered to your customer in the afternoon on the next day (T+1)
      • If you do the same after the cut-off time, the courier or driver will pick your parcel up in the afternoon on the next day (T+1), and it will be delivered to your customer in the afternoon on the next day after that day (T+2)
  • If you need to check your order status, please click here

For any enquires about Lalamove’s service, please contact Lalamove CS by tel or email during office hour.

Lalamove CS Office Hour: Mon-Sat (Excluding public holiday) 09:00 am – 18:30 pm

For any questions about Boutir’s service, please contact Boutir’s customer success team at

Regular Service Hour

  • Mon to Fri: 10:00 – 23:00
  • Sat, Sun and Public Holiday: 12:00 – 18:00

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