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Having your own eCommerce Website for your business is no longer optional, but it’s a must. If you want to succeed, choosing the right eCommerce website platform is important. In 2023, 92% of global internet users and 93.8% in Malaysia consumed video content weekly. This paradigm shift is also influenced by Millennials and Gen Z, 84% of them are consuming video content today. Notably, their financial impact is expected to resonate globally, contributing an estimated 48% of total global retail spend by 2030. That’s where Boutir, the next generation of eCommerce Website platform. With a unique focus that brings human-touch to your eCommerce Website, helping you to engage better with your customers and sell faster.

Who is Boutir

Founded in 2015, Boutir is a Video Centric eCommerce platform committed to bring back the human elements into eCommerce websites. We are aiming to simplify the journey for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes, enabling them to easily start and manage their online business – whether from a desktop or mobile app – at any time, anywhere, and at an affordable price.

Why Choose Boutir?

  1. Video-Centric Design | Boutir takes your eCommerce website to the next level by integrating unique Shoppable & Shorts Videos. Show off your products through engaging videos, offer visual guides, and allow instant “add to cart” options. Coupled with authentic customer reviews, Boutir turns your digital storefront into a vibrant, interactive hub. By smartly utilizing videos, you’ll enhance customer engagement and increase sales conversions.
  2. Mobile App Support | Boutir iOS and Android apps allow you to create and manage your website from anywhere. With Boutir, you can create your entire eCommerce site using just your mobile app, and it will look great on both mobile and desktop views. Convenient, isn’t it?
  3. No Coding Required | By using Boutir you can set up your store in just 5 minutes. You can build your store like playing Legos but yet having a beautiful video-centric website.
  4. Integration with Local Payment and Logistics | Boutir seamlessly integrated with popular payment and logistics methods like EasyParcel, Stripe, iPay88, and Billplz in Malaysia. With these providers you can access most of the payments and logistics options in Malaysia.
  5. Comprehensive Promotions Features | Boutir offers over 10 promotional methods, enabling you to craft extensive incentives on your eCommerce website to optimize conversion rates. These methods include options like free delivery, coupon offerings, buy-one-get-one-free deals, bulk order discounts, and much more.
  6. Membership System | Boutir membership system lets customers easily sign up to your online store using social media or mobile numbers. By creating different membership levels and pricing, you can attract more sign-ups. This not only helps in building a customer base but also allows you to analyze data and identify opportunities to upsell to your members
  7. Seamless Integration with Major Marketing Channels | Boutir seamlessly integrates with popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Google, you can drive conversions and amplify your reach by using them.
bring back human touch to your ecommerce website

Hear from Our Happy Clients

“Boutir transformed our online sales! The video-centric approach made us stand out, and our customers loved the shopping experience.” – Sarah, Owner of TrendyShop


Boutir is more than an eCommerce Website platform; it’s a new way to connect with customers and redefine the online shopping experience in Malaysia. With innovative features like video-centric designs, live streaming capabilities, mobile optimization, and more, Boutir is your ticket to a thriving online business. Ready to transform your business with the power of video commerce? Start your journey with Boutir today and join the growing community of successful entrepreneurs. Click here to start your 14 days Trial

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