COVID-19 has impacted almost every aspect of society – our lives, businesses and shopping habits. Many consumers are now trying to shop online, incentivizing entrepreneurs to digitalize their retail business by developing an online store. This leads to the accelerated growth of e-commerce across countries.

At the same time, there is fierce competition among online store owners. They try to convert more traffic into sales by various means. Taking logistics arrangement as an example, according to a report published by comScore, a media analytics company based in the US, 42% of online shoppers abandoned their shopping cart due to an issue with the estimated delivery date. Moreover, 24% of these cart abandoners said they did it since an estimated delivery date was not provided.

With a view to improving their conversion rate, some merchants enable customers to select a specific date and time of delivery for their parcel. Now you may try to provide scheduled delivery options to your shoppers with the latest feature!

Note: This feature only applies to merchants who are subscribing to our Business or Business PLUS service plan

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What is “Scheduled delivery”?

“Scheduled Delivery” is a type of logistics arrangement that enables consumers to choose a specific delivery day and time of a week at checkout. This can greatly enhance customer experience since they can expect to receive their parcel. 

In some cases, merchants allow customers to have the selection based on their date of purchase. Let’s say if a shopper chooses 7-day standard delivery, it means the parcel should be delivered 7 days after the purchase.

Why should you offer scheduled delivery options?

  1. Improve customer experience: As mentioned above, the feature enables customers to schedule the time of arrival. In other words, they are not required to spend a whole day waiting for their order.
  2. Plan the delivery schedule well: Since consumers make their decision on the preferred delivery day and time, merchants can anticipate how many parcels they have to send each day. Also, they plan the delivery schedule ahead of time.
  3. Lower operational costs: As sellers know the preference in advance, they can plan the best route for reaching all customers in the shortest time with the least consumption of fuel.

How to offer scheduled delivery options?

If you are subscribing to our Business or Business Plus plan and want to know how to offer scheduled delivery options, please read this tutorial:

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