When you come into contact with online marketing, you will definitely hear “GA” and “Google Analytics”. So what exactly is Google Analytics? Google Analytics (GA) is actually a data monitoring tool provided by Google. As long as you integrate Google Analytics in your shop, you can get information and reports on the visitors’ demographics, as well as to monitor their activities at the same time.

What can Google Analytics do for me?

1. Help find current and potential customers 

From the results of Google Analytics, you can clearly know the demographic characteristics of existing customers, such as age, gender, income and interests, which will help determine the direction and angle of your promotion. At the same time, it can also attract customers who do not know your brand but have a good chance of buying your products.

2. Expand the Market

Google Analytics will also record the language and location of your website visitors to help you discover new business opportunities. For example, you originally set your target customer group to people who live in Hong Kong, but you may find through Google Analytics that a considerable part of your website’s traffic comes from Malaysia, and thus you can develop corresponding promotional strategies to attract more appropriate target customers.

3. Help you discover the most popular products and increase sales

Google Analytics can record the number of views and sales of a single product. If you know which product is more popular, you can use this product to develop some promotion strategies to promote your online store. If the product is viewed by many people and bought only by a few people, it means that there may be a problem with the pricing or other factors. A clear understanding of the popularity of different products is very helpful to promote your brand and increase the sales of your products.

4. Assist in reviewing and optimizing the results of your marketing activities

Facebook, Instagram, discussion boards, which method can effectively bring you traffic? Different lucky draws, promotions, and cooperation plans, which one is the most effective? If you integrate Google Analytics tools in your online store, you can measure the effect of your promotion activities, so that future publicity can be concentrated on more effective promotion platforms and methods, as well as to save time and effort in promoting your online store. 

Both the Business and Business PLUS plans have added Google Analytics store analysis, so that online shop owners can fully understand their business and market needs.

Boutir will continue to introduce more features to help store owners further expand their online shop business. If you want to subscribe to Boutir’s service plan, do it now! Opportunity waits for no one! 

For any questions, please contact our customer success team by m.me/boutir.hk

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