Dear Boutir merchants, our desktop CMS has been updated recently! After adding products to carts, some people decide not to check out for some reason. In view of this, Boutir has launched a new feature called “Abandoned Cart Reminder”, which enables you to email them a reminder of making a purchase, decreasing the cart abandonment rate effectively!

Please note that:

  • The feature is only applicable to Business plan and Business PLUS plan
  • Only members who have abandoned their checkout can receive your reminder
  • Our system will send the reminder in the language your member choose to browse your store

How to set up?

1. Enter our desktop CMS (

2. Click “Setting”

3. Click “General (Store Profile, Social Channels, Customization)”

4. Click “Notification”

5. After scheduling your reminder, please click “Save”

  • Suppose you choose “6 hours later” – our system can automatically record the items members add to their carts. If they do not update the carts for over 6 hours, the system will email them a reminder

6. When you see this infobox, it means your setting has been saved successfully

What information will be shown in the reminder?

  • Store name
  • Store logo
  • Cart items
  • A call-to-action button (View chart)

For any questions, please contact our customer success team by

(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail.*)

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