NEW UPDATES! | The brand new “Product Discount” campaign

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To our dearest Boutir merchants, the highly anticipated online promotional campaign “Product Discount” has been launched! After you create the campaign in our Desktop CMS, customers can get your offer when buying selected product(s) with a certain quantity or above.

For example, a merchant is running a “Product Discount” campaign, offering a 20% off discount to those who buy 2 dolls ($5 each) and 1 tote bag ($10 each) at the same time. If a customer purchases 3 dolls and 3 tote bags simultaneously, he/she is eligible to enjoy the offer. Therefore, the total amount is ($5 x 3 + $10 x 3) x 0.8 = $36.

Note: The feature is only applicable to Business plan and Business PLUS plan

How to create a “Product Discount” campaign in our Desktop CMS?

1. Login your account in our desktop CMS (

2. Click “Add campaigns” in the “Promotions” page

3. Select “Product Discount”

4. Enter the campaign name (for record only, not displaying at storefront)

5. Select your target audience

6. Click “Add”

7. After selecting product(s), please click “Add to list”

8. Set the quantity of selected product(s)


  • Customers can enjoy the offer when purchasing all selected products shown on the list with a certain quantity or above
  • Taking the screenshot as an example, only when buying all 3 types of products on the list (at least 1 pack per each type) can customers get the discount

9. After choosing the type of discount, please enter its amount or percentage.

10. After choosing the start date and the end date, click “Preview”

Note: Once the campaign starts, you are not allowed to edit the start date, but you can extend the end date or stop the campaign anytime.

11. The page shows all details about the campaign. Please click:

  • “Change details” if you have to edit its setting
  • “Set up” if the setting is correct

12. When you see this infobox, it means your campaign has been created successfully


  • Promo code cannot be used when a campaign offer has applied at customers checkout, except “Shipping Discounts”.
  • When both “First Purchase Offer” and “Member Order Discount” are active, members who have never made any purchases before can only see and enjoy the “First Purchase Offer” once they reach the requirements.
  • Quota for our campaigns:
Business PlanBusiness Plus Plan
First Purchase Offer1 (or)1 (or / and)
Order Discount1 (or)1 (or / and)
Shipping Discount1 (or)3 (or / and)
Free Gift Campaign1 (or)1 (or / and)
Product Discount1 (or)50 (or / and)

For any questions, please contact our customer success team by

(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail.*)