Boutir has launched the “Self-served Ad Feature”, which allows merchants to place and manage Facebook Ads easily on their own, even if they don’t have time to learn the relevant skills. If merchants:

  • Just opened the online store not long ago, have not accumulated enough turnover data for analysis
  • But familiar with the characteristics of your customers

Then merchants can place Dynamic Ads for Broad Audience (DABA) by using the Customers characteristics settings via the “Self-served Ad Feature”, which allows Facebook to help merchants find new customers. Merchants can refer to the following operation tutorial when placing DABAs for the first time via Boutir APP:

  1. Click on “Promotion” on the Store page, then click on “Create” under “FACEBOOK ADVERTISING”
  1. Click on “Select” under “Expand audience dynamic advertising”, then select all products for best results

* The option “All products” applys to all upcoming products. In other words, after adding new products to your store, they will also be promoted in your corresponding ads.

  1. Edit the name by clicking on “Ad name”, then click on “Done”. The name is for the merchant’s record only. It will not be displayed on the merchant’s ads.
  1. After returning to the previous page, click on “Advertisement description” to fill in the content of the merchant’s ad, then click “Establish an advertising content” to proceed to the next step. In order to attract customers, it is recommended to fill in the content in detail, which can include but not limited to the following elements:
  • Characteristics of online store, selling points
  • Advantages of product
  • Reasons why customers should choose to shop at the merchant’s online store
  1. Click on “Set up now” under “Over-set target customers?”, then click on “Establish a new target customer group”
  1. Slide to select the Age group of the target customer group, also select Gender, then select other customer characteristics such as Language, Location, Behaviors, etc. in the “Shop category” section
  1. Merchants can also select “Does not include past contact to target customers” at the bottom of the “Edit the target customer group” page, excluding customers who have purchased from the merchant’s online store. The number of days depends on the product cycle. It can be set as the last 90 days for popular items or the last 180 days for less frequently purchased items.
  1. After setting the target customer group, click “Done” and name it, then click on “Storage new customer group”
  1. After you have completed setting the target customer group, please click on “Set up now” under “Not set budget and start time?”
  1. If you select “Now” as the Start Date, the ad will be ongoing after approved until the merchant has stopped it; if you select exact dates as the Start Date and the End Date, you can customize the ad duration. After setting the ad duration, input the daily budget of the merchant, then click on “Done” to save.

If the merchant also places Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) at the same, we recommend the merchant distributing the ad budget in 1:9 or 2:8, spending the majority of the budget on Dynamic Ads for Broad Audience (DABA) that targets on new customers, while spending the rest of the budget on Dynamic Product Ads that target old customers. Then the merchant can adjust the ratio according to the situation afterwards.

  1. After confirming the ad content and settings again, click on ” Establish an advertising content “. If the remaining credit is not enough, you will not be able to confirm and place the ad. Merchants can save the current set of Advertising settings as draft, and officially place the ad after topping up your account. You are suggested to check the remaining available credit before placing ads.
  • Caution:
    • A 15% service charge will be charged for advertisements placed via Boutir
    • While using the “Self-served Ad Feature”, if the system requires merchants to verify the domain and set up events, please contact Boutir Customer Success Team. The contact methods are as follows:

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