How to instantly set up Facebook Pixel & Facebook Business Catalogue

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To our dearest Boutir merchants, we are elated to announce that you can now instantly set up Facebook Pixel and Facebook Business Catalogue through Boutir’s product management platform (CMS). 

What happens after setting up a Facebook Shop and Facebook Page? Many of our merchants had given us feedback that they are unsure of the next possible steps to take. Should a new catalogue be created on Facebook? Also, what is a catalogue? No worries, as we’re here to explain them simply so that you can have these knowledge at your fingertips to bring the best out of your business. 

Imagine your Facebook Catalogue Manager as a big big basket, where you can gather and group all your products, inventory that you would like to promote across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. By creating a new catalogue, you can add different varieties of products quickly onto your shop, effectively managing your page. A Facebook Shop is only an e-commerce feature on your Facebook Page, where you can upload products that are in your catalogue. 

As you progress further after setting up the catalogue, you can start creating Facebook advertisements like Dynamic Ads, or even Instant Experience Ads, to promote your campaign and products. Since you have already created the various catalogues to organise your inventory, you can just select the catalogue that you would like to promote once, and that whole group of products in your catalogue would be automatically added into your Facebook Ad. As long as you have linked your catalogue to the Facebook Advertisement manager, you can then display all your products within the same catalogue. This way, you won’t need to go through the whole process of setting up an ad for each of your products.

To find out more about the uses of Facebook Pixel:

So how do you start setting them up?

  1. Access Boutir’s product management platform: 
  2. Then click on “Settings” and then “Facebook pixel, shop and catalog settings”. Log on to your Facebook account.

3. Proceed to press “Set up/ Edit”

4. Press “Next” and select a Facebook Page.

5. Then select your Facebook Pixel and then press “Next”. Following which, remember to
on both your Facebook Catalogue and Shop.

6. Hurray! You’ve set your Facebook Pixel already! At the same time, your Boutir shop have
been linked to your Facebook shop.

7. You can now proceed to the Facebook Business Manager platform to check if your Facebook catalogue has been updated. Here’s the link to the platform:

*Instant setup of Facebook Pixel and Facebook Catalogue is available to Business and Business PLUS merchants only.