5 things to keep in mind when setting up an mCommerce store

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With advanced technology, online shopping has become a booming trend in recent years. Without getting out of bed, people can trade and buy what they want all over the world just with their phones. The rising of eCommerce has boosted online trading and drastically changed the trading behaviour of customers. 

To facilitate the online transaction, mCommerce bobs up. It picks up on eCommerce that instead of browsing the website on desktop, it enables customers to view the products’ information and pay immediately by simply touching a few buttons on mobile. In 2017, it is reported that mobile Commerce has occupied nearly 35% of eCommerce. It is predicted that more than half of the market shares would be taken by mobile Commerce by 2021. More and more mobile apps like Taobao are since then launched in the market, merchants are able to make business on them. Although your store can now set up and operate through mobile, it does not mean that you are ready to start the business. Here are five things that you should keep an eye to before setting up your store.

1. Offer various options (Payment and shipping methods)

Different regions may prefer different options of payment, for example, if people from Hong Kong prefer credit cards, you should check whether the platform is available for such payment. Moreover, some shipping methods might not be available on the platform you are using, you should make sure which kinds of delivery methods would be provided and the required fee of the methods.

2. Easy to communicate between merchants and customers

By entering the webpage of the store, customers can only view the products on the internet. As they could not try or touch the products, they might have questions about those goods. Despite providing clear and concise products’ description, different social platforms should be offered or linked in the webpage so that customers are able to reflect their concerns and enquiries to the merchants. Since then, the merchants could clear up the confusion of customers and get in touch with them. It would be effective for merchants to figure out the target customers and build up a close relationship with them. This also allows the merchants to convey the customers to purchase and maintain a long-term trading relationship.

3. The setting of the webpage should be simple

When people cannot understand the details of the products in a few seconds, they would not have the patience to go deep into the content of your store. The lesser steps customers need to do, the more willingness they would have to purchase the goods. Therefore, you should ensure that the design of the webpage is user-friendly, simple, easy to browse and responsive designed.

4. Keep records of every transaction

As long as your business grows, it will be difficult to manage and keep track of your business. Meanwhile, it would be time-consuming and error-prone to enter all the records and personal information by yourself. If you do not have much technical skills, it would be best to choose a platform which offers the simplest interface for you to take a look and keep all the records of your commercial transactions.

5. Analyse the collected data

After recording down all the records, it would be helpful for you to do further data analysis. For example, collecting genders, age groups or even trading behaviour of customers. You could use this information for the future development of your store such as making related promotion advertisement and providing a wider variety of products to cater to market demands. 

As suggested above, the design of the web page should be simple and clear which includes a wide range of payment and shipping options and allows communication between merchants and customers. You should also keep track of every trading and analyse the data of transactions. Nevertheless, it would be a heavy burden if you do all these by yourself. Therefore, you might need a trustworthy and supportive platform to manage your business well. And Boutir is definitely your choice.

About Boutir

Boutir is a mobile app which provides a dedicated platform with various online payments like credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay etc. and shipping methods. It is so simple and easy to use, everyone can open their own stores in 3 minutes. The web pages of stores in Boutir are designed to be well adapted in multiple devices. Since then, the customers can browse it and inquiry about the products on either mobile phones or tablets or even computers. Because of the clean and uncluttered design, customers can select and purchase the products successfully in just a few seconds. Meanwhile, social chat widgets are plugged in the page. It is convenient for interested customers to chat with the merchants directly. By connecting different social platforms, the relationship and communication between customers and merchants can be tightened up. 

Other than that, Boutir provides membership system. Merchants can make good use of this system to reward regular customers by announcing the latest discounts so as to increase future purchase transactions. In addition, Boutir can facilitate the process of uploading and managing your business without requiring any technical knowledge. These features would definitely bring a great benefit to both merchants and customers.