8 Must-Have elements for your Online Store

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1. Responsive Web Design (RWD):

Automatically changing the size of the web page to fit into the mobile browser, the function of RWD is extremely important for mobile shopping. Just imagine, if a customer enters your webpage and the webpage does not automatically adjust the size of the browser, and everytime they would to zoom or unzoom by themselves, it would definitely be a very poor user experience.

2. Various Payment Methods:

Online shopping all should be accompanied with different ways to make payment, such as PayPal, Stripe, Alipay etc., while for mobile shopping, if Google Pay and Apple Pay is available too, it would definitely be faster and more convenient.

3. Various Delivery Options:

If customers can choose various different delivery methods to receive their goods, their experience would become more convenient, and would increase their will to make a repeat purchase.

4. A Safe Website

Websites that have certifications for their different payment options, and also possessing a SSL Certificate, can help to ensure that customers’ personal particulars and transaction information would not be leaked.

5. A Systematic Online Store

Once the customer placed their order, the system would automatically receive a notification and the merchant can thus immediately prepare to send out the order. When the order is sent out, the customer would be notified, followed by sending the delivery number to customer, etc.

6. Membership System

Customers can easily become a member on the mobile interface, without going through excessive steps and procedures, so to avoid losing potential customers who are considering becoming a member.

7. Simple Web Interface

Mobile shopping experience requires fast speed and fancy web interfaces would only make customers lost, or unable to be directed back to the shopping page. Hence, simple web interface is very important for mobile shopping.

8. Sharing of Products Anytime, Anywhere

Besides just simply shopping, mobile shopping experiences also have to include social elements. A good mobile shopping experience would allow the customer to share their products on the different social media platforms, so that the product information can reach out to more people.