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updated on September 14, 2022

Brand new store header menu

To create a strong first impression and stand out from competitors, businesses want to display a larger brand logo, which is not necessarily in square ratio. You can now display a larger horizontal brand logo and put it at the centre of the header menu. You can also customise the background colour and the font colour of the header menu to match your brand identity.

Now you can customise the page header in Boutir Admin Desktop


Support desktop fitting content display in custom pages and showing product image in full screen of your desktop devices

Now you can show your best product image and videos in full-width size. Surely, you can adjust image size smaller with padding around anytime too.

Image upload enhancement in custom pages

  • Support displaying images in original size

You can present your images in original size for the “Single image” and “Carousel image” components. By selecting “Original” under “Image Ratio”, the images will not be cropped by the system.

  • Simplified image upload process

Besides, it is not necessary to upload images in 2 ratios. If either one is left empty, it will be auto scaled. However, we always recommend uploading 2 ratios. Since most of the customers use mobile to browse online stores nowadays, uploading images in mobile ratio would give the best experience and also an immediate engagement with them.

More shoppable video layouts – Video Wall & Video and text

You can display videos in the “Video Wall” layout to provide an immersive experience to your customers.

You can also select the layout “Video and text” to deliver your message with supporting text.

Support featured products up to 12

You can feature up to 12 products now.

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