More powerful Desktop – Boutir Admin_how you can manage your account and store information on desktop browsers

Why do we need this?

  • Now when you are managing your store on a desktop through Boutir Admin, you can edit your store and account information as well. You do not need to switch between your mobile phone and laptop to do it. Now you can manage the account and store settings on both mobile and desktop.

What has changed?

Now you can manage these settings on Boutir Admin:

  • Account Settings
    • User name
    • Business Address
    • Phone
    • Change password
    • Administrator management
    • Social media
  • Store Settings
    • Change currency
    • Unpublish store
    • Store location
    • Payment Setting
    • Delivery Setting
    • Return Policy
    • Abandoned cart reminder
    • Chat widget (e.g WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger) 
  • Customization
    • Storefront (favicon customizations, display the total number of products sold settings)
    • Email (Store logo customizations, theme color and text color settings)
  • Google Analytics Settings
  • Facebook and Instagram Shop Settings (Facebook Business Extensions) 
  • Firework Settings (Shoppable Video, LIVE)

Where to find it?

Desktop – Boutir Admin login: 

What is the platform?

Desktop – Boutir Admin

Who can use this feature?

Business & Business PLUS plan subscribers

WeChatPay mobile checkout enhancement

Why do we need this?

Before the update, when shoppers are on a mobile phone and chose to pay by WeChat Pay, they saw a QR code. They needed to screencap the code or use another phone to scan the code to pay.

What has changed?

With this update, customers are seamlessly directed to WeChat APP to directly pay. When payment is done, they will be redirected back to the store. There are fewer steps in checkout which means higher sales conversion. 

Where to find it?

You do not need to do anything to enable it if you turned on Wechat Pay in your store. Your shoppers are going through this now at checkout. 

Who can use this feature?

Subscribers of all tiers of plans

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