Support display PayCode and PayLink for Payme Personal 

Why do we need this?

If you do not want to disclose your personal phone number to your customers to receive Payme payment, now you can use Paycode or Paylink provided by Payme. It also avoids error of mis-typing the phone numbers. 

For customers, they can now click the PayLink and be redirected to PayMe App for payment directly if a mobile device is being used. If a desktop computer is being used, they can scan the code to pay. They don’t need to worry about having a typo and paying into a wrong account.

What has been changed?

Apart from showing your personal phone number, you can now enable PayMe by providing PayCode and PayLink.

Where to find it?

Open Boutir App → Store Setting → Payment → Turn on PayMe toggle button→ Select Personal


  • App 3.23.0

Eligible Plan

  • All plan

Credit History include Order ID

 Why We Love It
We believe the order ID is definitely useful information for you to do the monthly close! 

What Changed
We added the order id information in the credit history.

Where to Find It
Open Boutir App → Promotion → Manage credit → Click the button as shown in the screenshot → Select export Shipany/ lalamove delivery fee history → Get the credit history in excel format

– App 3.23.0

Eligible Plan   

  • Business, Business Plus Plan
  • Eligible for stores which using automated logistic service 
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