Dear Boutir merchants, our desktop CMS has been updated recently! Now you can create a promo code applicable to one of the four stored value facilities, namely Octopus, AlipayHK, WeChat Pay and Tap & Go. This can help you embrace opportunities from the consumption voucher scheme by incentivizing customers to purchase products in your store!


  • Quota:
    • Starter plan merchants can only set 1 active promo code at a time
    • Business plan merchants can set 30 different active promo codes at a time
    • Business Plus merchants can set 100 different active promo codes at a time
  • Our mobile CMS was not updated simultaneously. When you create promo codes via our app, they can only be applicable to the following payment methods:
    • Cash or Bank Transfers
    • PayPal
    • Faster Payment System (FPS)
    • PayMe
    • Octopus
    • Atome
  • Please refer to the following article to understand how this feature brings benefits to you: 【商戶攻略】向顧客提供優惠代碼,比折扣減價威力更大!(Traditional Chinese Only)

For exhibitors in our “$5000 e-voucher marketplace”, you may submit this form so that we can attract customers to your store by advertising your relevant promo code through different channels:
$5000消費券掌賞MALL — 優惠代碼收集表格 (Traditional Chinese Only)

Please note that your application will not be accepted if you are not one of the exhibitors.

You are eligible to join the marketplace if you:
– are subscribing our yearly Business/Business Plus plan, and
– activated either 1 of the following payment gateways: Octopus / WeChat Pay / AliPayHK / Tap & Go

Please complete and submit this form if interested:
$5000消費券掌賞MALL — 商品上架申請表 (Traditional Chinese Only)

(T&Cs Apply. Boutir reserves the rights of final decision.)

How to create promo codes via the desktop CMS?
(Only applicable to Business Plans and Business PLUS Plans)

1. Login to our desktop CMS (

2. Click “Promotions” > “Promo Code” > “Create”

3. Enter your promo code (Max. 12 alphanumeric characters)

4. To set a minimum purchase amount, please click “Yes” and enter the amount

5. Please select discount type:

  • Please enter the amount of your discount after selecting “Cash coupon”
  • Please enter the percentage of your discount after selecting “Discount %”

6. Please specify which products the code can be applied to. If it is only applicable to specific products, please click “Selected product(s)” > “+ Add”

7. Please click “Add to list” after the selection is made

8. Please set the start and end date, as well as the usage limit (once or unlimited) for the code

9. Please click “Preview” after specifying the payment method the code can be applied to

10. Review the setting of your code:

  • Please click “Change details” if the setting has to be changed
  • Please click “Set up” if the setting is correct

11. When you see this infobox, it means the promo code has been created successfully

12. Please click the code if its setting has to be changed (e.g. inactivating the code)

For any questions, please contact our customer success team by

(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail.*)


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