With the rapid development of e-commerce and an increasing number of merchants developing their online business, Google has allowed Google Merchant Center merchants in the Asia-Pacific region to list their products on Google Shopping for free since mid-October last year, helping them with digital business transformation. To facilitate the use of the service, we have launched a new feature to make it easier for merchants to set up the service!


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What is Google Shopping? Where can we list our products for free?

Google Shopping is one of the most familiar products searching platforms. Consumers can view images of relevant products just by searching keywords. They can also utilize different filtering elements, for example pricing, colors, brands and more to search for products they want.

Previously, merchants must place ads on Google if they want to showcase their products on Google Shopping. However, Google started to allow India and Indonesia merchants to list their products for free on Google Shopping. Last year, they also launched a relevant service in America. After merchants listed their products for free, the average number of visits doubled, and the visitation rate exceeded 50%, with small and medium-sized enterprises receiving the highest increase among all. Last October, Google announced the expansion of this service to the entire Asia Pacific region. In other words, merchants in Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries can use this free feature!

Now when consumers browse the Google Shopping page, they can the following two sections:

  1. Fee-based section: When consumers are searching for products on the page, they will see paid advertisements from sponsors first, while the relevant rank will be calculated according to the ad merchants’ pricing and relevancy 
  2. Free section: It will be shown underneath the advertisement section. Unless there are other conditions provided, the products will be ranked according to relevancy

According to Google, this service will create a three-win result. First of all, this is obviously beneficial to merchants, since they can showcase their products to the million consumers who search for products using Google for free. For consumers, they can also search for products from more merchants on Google Shopping. As for advertisers, free listing of products can raise the efficiency of paid ads activities.

How can I list my products for free on Google Shopping?

  1. Register to become a Merchant Center user
  2. Set up “Surfaces Across Google” campaign
  3. Create Feed, then add your products into Merchant Center
  4. Obey to Policies for listing your products for free on Google

If you are a Boutir Merchant, then you can complete the above setting easily by using our new function, for more details:

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