To promote Facebook and Instagram pages for Boutir sellers, we provide a feature that links your social media account URL to the store’s main page.

How to get your Facebook and Instagram page IDs:

1. To find out your Facebook page ID, see your profile URL (for example, the ID written after the “/” symbol. You can also visit the site and enter the profile URL to get a Facebook ID.

2. To get an Instagram page ID, you only need to see the username listed at the top of the profile

How to link social media page URL to the store:

1. Open the ‘Store Setting’ option in the Boutir application

2. Enter your store’s Instagram and Facebook ID.

3. When you click the “Facebook Page ID” button, Boutir will automatically ask you to log in to your Facebook account.

4. Click ‘Save’ to save changes.

Your social media account will now be displayed on the store’s main page, and visitors can also click on the embedded URL to view the account.

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