As COVID-19 continues spreading, many people are staying home to fight the epidemic and changing their consumption behaviors. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) conducted two online surveys in the previous year, interviewing over 19,000 and 4,000 consumers in 27 and 9 countries and regions respectively, to understand their shopping habits, and published the results in “Global Consumer Insights Survey 2020”.

The survey revealed that nearly half of the respondents shopped in brick-and-mortar stores on a daily or weekly basis prior to the outbreak. Half of the respondents said they shopped in physical stores less frequently during the outbreak. More than 40% of respondents said that they often prefer online shopping via their phones or desktops nowadays.

With the increasing popularity of online shopping and the decreasing quantity of customers in physical stores, many merchants began to operate online stores, developing online businesses. However, an increase in online store traffic does not mean an increase in sales, as some customers would shop around and compare to get the best deals. In order to arouse their desire to shop, increase online store sales and stand out in the market during the epidemic, Boutir recommends merchants placing dynamic ads on Facebook.

If you are a Boutir merchant, you can use the “Self-served Ad Feature” to place dynamic ads! Even if you lack time for learning Facebook ads operation skills, you can create dynamic ads within 3 minutes with all the information you need!


What is Dynamic Ad? Why should I place Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic advertising is a type of personalized advertising. Before placing an ad, merchants need to install a Facebook pixel in their online store, so that it can record visitors’ activities in the store, including how many people have viewed an item, added it to their shopping cart, completed their payment, etc.

Based on these records, the system shows them time-sensitive advertising content, such as the details of the products they have viewed, to stimulate their desire to shop and achieve remarketing results. In addition to retrieving existing visitors, merchants can also use the ads to identify new customers, thereby increasing sales.

How should I evaluate the performance of Dynamic Ads?

To evaluate the performance of an ad, merchants need to know the purpose of advertising. For instance, if they expect the ad to increase online store sales, they should pay attention to the performance of the Return On Advertising Spend. In our opinion, if every $1 advertising cost brings at least $3 sales, it means the advertising is effective.

Take the merchant, Raku Zakka Store”, as an example. With the help of Boutir, the Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner, they placed dynamic (product) ads on Facebook, targeting people with the following characteristics as the ad audience:

  • Customers who have shopped at the online store
  • Visitors who have added items to their shopping cart, but haven’t completed payment
  • Women between the ages of 23 and 65

The campaign was successful in achieving a 25x Return On Advertising Spend (RAS) between 2nd April and 31st May 2020, i.e. every $1 advertising cost brings $25 in sales, so the results are impressive and are now featured on the official website of Facebook!

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Apart from “Raku Zakka Store”, the following merchants have also received help from Boutir, using dynamic ads to drive online store sales:

1. Doremi3babies


  • Discovering quality baby products from all over the world; many of the products have been verified by the owner’s 3 nephews
  • Sold over 7,000 items successfully, with more than 10,000 followers on Facebook page (as of March 2021)

Dynamic Ads Performance:

  • Placed dynamic ads via Boutir for over 1 month, resulting in a 12x Return On Advertising Spend (RAS)

2. Chiu Buy


  • Searching for the best local fashion items, enabling customers to buy trendy items staying at home
  • Sold over 5,000 items successfully, with more than 30,000 followers on Facebook page (as of March 2021)

Dynamic Ads Performance:

  • Placed dynamic ads via Boutir for over 2 months, resulting in a 7x Return On Advertising Spend (RAS)

3. Bao Zhen Xiang Hong Kong


  • Mainly offers traditional Taiwanese pastries, such as taro cakes, salted egg cakes, handmade green onion rolled cakes, etc. The brand emphasizes on bringing local homemade snacks to Hong Kong by air, so that Hong Kong people can still enjoy “The 100-year good taste of Taiwan” even if they can’t be in Taiwan.
  • Sold over 4,000 items successfully, with more than 1,000 followers on Facebook page (as of March 2021)

Dynamic Ads Performance:

  • Placed dynamic ads via Boutir for nearly 2 months, achieving in a 6x Return On Advertising Spend (RAS)

However, some merchants may not place ads with the main objective of increasing sales, or they only want to reach out to different customer groups, so that more people can get to know the merchant, enhancing the brand awareness. In this case, merchants should pay attention to Impression and Reach, which represent the frequency the advertisement appears in front of the audience, and the number of individual audiences reached by the ad respectively.

How to create Dynamic Ads?

As mentioned above, in order to create a dynamic ad, the merchant needs to install Facebook pixel on the online store beforehand. In addition, merchants need to upload the product information to be promoted in ads to the Catalog. Once the above assets are set up, merchants can choose “Catalog Sales” as the advertising purpose in the Ads Manager, placing dynamic ads on Facebook.

For more details, please see: Creating Facebook Dynamic Ads | Facebook Business Help Center

Boutir merchants can use the “Facebook Business Extension” to easily set up the above Facebook assets and link them to their online stores. Once the information is ready, you can create dynamic ads within 3 minutes by using the “Self-served Ad Feature”!

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