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After putting in so much effort to run your online store, do you know where your highest spending customers come from? Are they male or female? What age group do they belong to? Are they mostly new viewers or returning customers?

In this digitalised era, big data has become a trend for businesses. Through detailed analysis of data, many businesses can determine the shopping habits of their customers. Google Analytics is one of the more popular data analytics application available now. However, many Boutir users has given feedback that Google Analytics gives them too much information to analyse thus making it complicated to understand what the data means. After hearing these feedback, Boutir has come up with a [One Page Analysis] report which would help users to extract only the most useful data to understand customer trends and from there come up with the most effective publicity and sales plans.

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The [One Page Analysis] report covers 3 key data:

1.       Webpage

·       Viewership: How many people visited your webpage

·       Source of viewers: Where the viewers came from (Social Media, Google Search, Direct Link to Webpage)

·       Device used to view: Laptops, Smartphones or Tablets

·       Payment methods used by customers

·       Customer Demographics: Age, Gender

·       Customer Attributes: First time customers, returning customer

2.       Orders

·       Total Value of Orders

·       Total Number of Orders

·       Average Amount of Each Order

3.       Items

·       Items which were purchased by customers

·       Brands of items purchases

·       Total number of items sold

·       Cart-to-Detail rate: Proportion of people who places item in cart after viewing it

·       Buy-to-Detail rate: Proportion of people who buy the item after viewing it

How do I make use of the above data?

1.       Source of Viewers: You can find out how viewers came across your store and thus make better publicity decisions. Example, if most people visit your store via Instagram, you could make Instagram as your main publicity platform.

2.       Customer Demographics: You can understand your customers better in areas such as age and gender. With this, you would be able to come up with better publicity plans to meet your targeted audience and thus increase sales.

3.       Customer Attributes: You can understand if most of your viewers are returning customers or new customers. From this, you can make use of Facebook’s Retargeting Ad to attract customers to return to shop from your store.

4.       Number of orders and worth: You can understand the average spending power of your customers and thus come up with a better pricing structure for your products.

5.       Item Data: Allows you to find out the most popular brand and item in your store to allow you to further promote it or release new items that are similar to improve sales.

6.       Cart-to-Detail rate and Buy-to-Detail rate: You can find out in which process of the shopping experience are your customers lost and why. Example, is it because the description of the item was not detailed enough or was it too expensive thus turning your customers away. If too many customers are placing items on their cart but not purchasing it, you can come up with certain promo codes giveaway to attract them to finally check out their cart.

Paid Subscribers of Boutir can now get their Analysis report athttp://bit.ly/2oXxotS