NEW UPDATES! | Order Managment System in desktop CMS

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To our dearest merchants of Boutir, we are pleased to tell you that there are some new updates in the order management system! We have received merchants’ feedback from time to time regarding the order features in desktop CMS. We sincerely hope that the new updates would be of help for you to manage your products in an easier and more convenient way! Please check below for more information:

Order Management System New Updates in desktop CMS(only applicable to Business plan and Business PLUS plan) 

  1. Enter desktop CMS (
  2. Select “ Orders(Try new UI)”

3. In the new version of Order Management System, you can select multiple orders at once

a. All orders: You can select all orders and export the file.

b. Select multiple orders: After selecting the orders, you can export the file, confirm the payment/delivery status, decline the order and print the packing slip.

4. In the new version of the order management system, you can check your product status by different filtering methods such as the status of “Pending for payment’ or “To be delivered”. You can also directly enter the customers’ name/ order ID to view the order status.

5. You can also view the order status by time range, payment methods, delivery methods etc. in order to understand your business management status.

We sincerely hope that the new updates of the order management system in desktop CMS can enable our merchants to manage the orders in an easier, quicker and more convenient way to achieve the goal of “ Do less, sell more”!

If there are any inquires, please feel free to contact our professional customer service team at :