【Updated News】PayMe for Business officially integrates with Boutir

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To our dearest Boutir Merchants, we are very glad to tell you we have already integrated with PayMe for Business. Starting from today, Boutir Merchants can collect payments via PayMe for Business in Boutir online stores.

1. What is PayMe for Business?

PayMe for Business let merchants collect PayMe payments through mobile devices, customers can pay via PayMe easily, just like transferring funds to your relatives.

2. Who can use PayMe for Business?

You can use PayMe for Business if you are a HSBC Business Internet Banking customer.

3. Is there a fund limit for PayMe for Business?

PayMe for Business has no limit on fund amount.

4. Any service charge for PayMe for Business?

PayMe for Business only collects 0.75% of your transaction amount as service charge.

(Applicable to eligible merchants for transactions made between 2 September 2019 and 31 December 2019. After that, a 1.5% fee will be applied per transaction.)

5. Can I transfer my fund in PayMe for Business to my bank account?

Merchant can transfer your transaction to bank account whenever you want.

6. Can I refund in PayMe for Business?

Yes, you can refund in PayMe for Business app instantly. Just choose the specific transaction and click “refund”, enter the amount and password to confirm, it’s just that easy.

Go to Boutir App to activate PayMe for Business immediately.

Go to store setting > Payment > Accept PayMe