【PayMe for Business Tutorial】How should I get PayMe for Business Activation code to receive online payments on my Boutir store if I already have PayMe for Business account?

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If you are a HSBC Business Internet Banking Account holder, you can download and onboard to PayMe for Business immediately.

How to download:

  1. Go to Google Play/App Store and download PayMe for Business App
  2. Please have the following information ready:

How to get PayMe for Business activation code to receive online payment?

  1. After registering PayMe for Business Account, please go to “Enquiry” and select “Online Payment”.

2. Then please enter the following message “I am Boutir merchant and would like to use PayMe to collect payments online, my online store address is [your website]”

3. PayMe team will send a password to you, you can use the password to open a locked PDF file and this PDF file will be sent to your PayMe for Business registered email address. 

4. Copy and paste the contents of the PDF into the “activation” code section on the Boutir PayMe activation page. Done. You are now ready to receive PayMe Payments on your Boutir store.