Why having a SIMPLE, RELIABLE online store is more important than just looks

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Did you know that the online users’ average attention span is only 3 seconds?

Now imagine this: You have a fancy website filled with a huge amount of elements, causing it downtime. What could happen next is your customers click to a different page and it might take one second, three, or more to load. And… they’re gone. So are your sales. 

Therefore, it’s important to invest in a platform that brings you the convenience of setting it up with minimal maintenance, and create a pleasant and enjoyable customer experience at the same time.

Here are 2 critical factors to consider before you proceed: 

  1. Loading Time

As mentioned above, we know how crucial it is to cater to customers’ attention span, and even just one second of loading time could cost you. So where and how do we start solving this? 

How fast your store loads rely on a few factors such as the type and amount of files you have on there, the size of your code, and ultimately – your web host. If your web host does not have the means to cater to your customizations, your online business can suffer from the downtime it reflects. Not to mention, by just adding one video could significantly affect the performance of your site. 

Skip the hassle, and opt for a straightforward and convenient online store builder that does the design placement for you. No more coding or outsourcing web maintenance – just upload a main photo that represents your store and the items you want to sell, that’s it! Save cost, time, and jumpstart your online business right away!

2. Product Listing

Apart from just getting it to load quicker and prevent downtime, we’re also looking at the overall scrolling experience of your webstore. How your items are presented will determine the efficiency of the purchasing journey.

Do your customers need to scroll to the bottom to click for a different category? What if you want each product to have dedicated pages with descriptions, and what do you even need to write? 

Don’t waste your precious time, customizing until it’s “perfect”. With a uniformed, stylish, and practical display, your items will all have an equal space to showcase itself, without the need to create more displays when your inventory increases (which is definitely one less thing to worry about!).

Looking to get started? Check out Boutir’s one-stop online store builder that gives you more than just looks to work with, where it also helps you manage your orders, provides you and your customers with secure payment methods, analytics report on your activities, and view who your customers are! 

Download the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.redso.boutir&hl=en