Many of us fail to see the 3 key phases of a business

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Take a peek into what makes or breaks a business, and have them safely in your books to successfully grow your business on the digital sphere. 

Running an online business is trendier than ever, and a future-forward transformation for some, such as traditional brands like Tan Nam Hin. Not only does this move set the tone for businesses-to-be, but for many – it’s a battle for survival. 

Let’s look at the three phases and core values that define the future of a business, regardless of the type of industry it’s in. 

In the Beginning

Each step dictates the direction of your business, and how you choose to begin is a vital decision. So start asking yourself some tough questions with the 5W1H; Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. 

Chances are, you already have the concept down e.g.: Who-What-Why, as many entrepreneurs do, but it’s the Where and How that puts you at a crossroads, searching for your next move. 

Can’t afford or don’t need a physical store? Consider an online platform instead, which gives you room to control and play with branding displays and quicker updates. With options like Boutir , you can easily build and manage an online store, all in one place. Check out this step-by-step guide on how to get started.

Ready, Set…

Now that you have a dedicated space for your brand and products, what can you do to tell others that you’re up and running? 

Social media is a powerful tool, often ideal for awareness; but if done correctly, it will up your chances at customer conversion too! Apart from creating interesting content such as Facebook Live, or eye-catching product photos, the end goal here is to bring you one step closer to your customers. 

Did you know that Boutir utilizes Facebook Pixel? It’s an analysis tool for you to view what actions have been taken by your customers on your website in order to measure the performance of your Facebook advertisements.

This function gives you more chances to re-market content and products to them at various online spaces they spend time in. Learn how this secret weapon brings you closer to your potential leads here

Beyond the Game

Congratulations, you are now officially part of the online business community! However, don’t let comfort get to you just yet, it’s time to really start measuring the growth of your business. 

Dive deep into your page activities vs. your website clicks and checkout section, and you will see how effective your content and efforts are, which leads to better business decisions and strategies. Pro-tip: Link your Google Analytics to Google Ads, here’s how.

With these insights on-hand, you can now set up first-time buyer perks, seasonal / flash discounts, or members-only privileges to grow a bigger customer base and induce loyalty. 

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