Promo codes can be given and set by you, in the form of specific numbers or words. Each unique code can be used by your customers to redeem discounts on products. Here is how you can set active promotional codes on Boutir’s mobile application:

*Please note:

Starter plan merchants can only set 1 active promo code at a time.

Business plan merchants can set 30 different active promo codes at a time.

Business Plus merchants can set 100 different active promo codes at a time.

To set your promo codes, proceed to log in to your Boutir store on the mobile application. Go to “Promotion” and proceed to “Create promo code”. First, turn on the “Active Code”. Then, enter a name for the promo code (maximum of 6 alphanumeric characters). Next, select a discount type and set an amount (order discount/ cash coupon). Now, set the dates which you would like the promo codes to be effective on.

Set the minimum spending amount required, the conditions to use (orders paid in cash or bank transfers/orders paid by PayPal/ FPS), and the number of times the promo code could be used (If you leave “Unlimited Use” off, the promo code can only be used ONCE.) After you’re done, simply press “Save”.

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