How to use Facebook to attract more customers to your store?

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Here are several ways in which you can attract more customers to your store using Facebook:

1. Add store website in “About”
Click “About” on the left hand side and enter your website under “Contact Info”.

2. Add “Store” button, upload products and add product links
Go to “Settings”, choose “Templates and Tabs” on the left hand side. Select “Shop” tab in “Add a Tab” at the bottom of the page.

  • Add your products in “Shop”
  • Add photos or videos and set the price. 
  • You may also create collections like “Clearance Sale”, “Limited Edition” in shop tag.
Press “Add Collection”
Go ahead and add as many collections as you like!

3. Set discount and add promo code
If you create a business or brand page, you can find a “Offer” Tab on the left. Choose “Create Offer”.

Type the description, add the expiration date, website as well as the promo code.

4. Add buttons

Go to the homepage of your page and click the blue button on the top right hand corner.

If you choose “Shop Now” in “Shop with you”, customers will be directed to your shop tag. If you choose “See offers”, customers will be directed to Offers tag

You can add your store link here.

5. Add Facebook Page Tab

Note: To use this function, your page should have at least 2000 likes

Customers can browse your store on Facebook page now!

Type the following link on your web browser, you will see a Facebook dialog. Select the page you would like to add to Boutir.

After confirmation, your web browser will be linked to Boutir Homepage. An email will be sent by our system to confirm that you have built up a Boutir Facebook store successfully.

The above ways could definitely increase Facebook visitors of your web store!