How to upload products with CMS/CSV?

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Log in to the desktop management of your store on this platform: Sign in with your email and password or your Facebook account. (This platform is only available to Business and Business Plus merchants)

After accessing your account, you will be able to see all existing products. Proceed to click on “Create Products”. Fill up the details of your products, upload a picture of it. Once you’re done, you can click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

You can choose to use product pictures from Dropbox and make then upload them through this User CMS platform.

  • Upload products with CSV

Merchants can use the function “Import CSV” to import a large number of products. This function could be found right beside “Create Products”. You can download the template to insert the details of your products and save as a .csv file. Please note also, that you must not add or delete columns from the template. If a product has different options (i.e size, color) , you would have to go back to the Boutir mobile app to manually key in the different options. After you’re done, you can proceed to Upload. (This function is only available to Business and Business Plus merchants)

  • Upload product pictures through Dropbox on User CMS platform

Go back to the main page of the User CMS and then click on “Create Products”. You will be able to see a section that allows you to upload your product photos from your desktop or through a link. To upload your products through Dropbox, you can do it through the link.

If you’re uploading a product picture through “Import CSV”, you can also link pictures from Dropbox. After accessing your Dropbox account, you can find your selected product pictures and click “Share” on the top right of the webpage. Then, change up the “Link Settings” enable it to be seen by everyone, after which, click  “Copy Link”. Insert the link back at the User CMS and you’ll be able to see your product photos. (This function is only available to Business and Business PLUS merchants)