The first thing that your customers would be greeted with when they enter your online store, would be your beautiful store banners. Here’s how you can customise and link your banner image to better promote your products.

Note: This is only available to Business, and Business PLUS merchants.

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1. It links the discount or featured products so that customers need not search for their desired products on your online store.

2. You can set particular products into a category. When customers enter your store, they can reach and browse them directly by simply clicking the cover image with the link.

3. You can connect your Facebook or Instagram Page to the store banner link so that potential customers can be guided to your pages. They can know your store and products better which increases their willingness to purchase your products.


1. Log in to CMS (

2. Click “Settings”
Under “Store Settings”, click “General (Store Profile, Social Channels, Customisation)”. Upload store your store’s banner image and add a link to direct your customers to your store’s main page or other product pages.

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(This tutorial is for reference only. If there is any update on the feature, its latest version shall prevail.*)

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