In the following, we are going to guide you through how you can add up to 5 shop administrators on the desktop management platform (User CMS). You will now be able to set different levels of administration rights for your shop admins managing your store, so that you can have a peace of mind!

How to add up to 5 shop administrators:

1. Log in CMS:
“Settings” → “Administrator account(S)” → “Create”  

2. You can now start adding admins through their emails.

All of your admins will be able to manage your store, but they are not permitted to change the payment methods that your store chose to use and the plan of which your store is subscribed to. Once you have completed in adding your admins, our system would send an email containing login credentials to your admins.

3. Your admins will receive a notification email once you’ve added the account(s) successfully.

*This feature of being able to add up to 5 shop administrator accounts is only available to Business PLUS merchants.

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