How to add hashtags on products?

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Now that we have enabled the desktop management of your online store, we would like to introduce to all our merchants the hashtag feature. This feature allows merchants to easily display related products. Many merchants had given us feedback and asked if products could be placed into sub-categories, and yes, the hashtag function is finally here to help assist you and help strengthen the promotion of your products!

As long as your customer selects or clicks on a hashtag, your web store would display a webpage with the listed products tagged. You can choose to insert more than 1 hashtag for each product.

Here is an example usage of the hashtag feature.

  • You can unleash that creativity of yours to come up with different hashtags, that can include product brand names(eg. #boutir #ingoodhandsof), the product types (eg. #contactlenses  #blue #red), names of your ongoing promotions (eg. #FathersDay #Halloween2019 #LimitedPeriodOffer), popular products (eg. #mostpopular) or even discounted products (eg. #onsale #discounted #30percentoff).

How to add hashtags on desktop management:

1. Manage your store on this platform :, and then click “Create Products”. Then scroll down your page to find “Hashtags to feature themes” and “Add Tags”.

2. Add new hashtags or choose from existing tags. Hashtags in Chinese are limited to 10 characters maximum. Hashtags in English are limited to 30 alpha-numerical characters maximum.

3. You can also manage the products’ hashtags. The User CMS platform can allow you to see the number of existing hashtags you have and the amount of products  with under the same tags. You can create new hashtags from there or even select multiple products to be under the same hashtag.

  • There is no limit to the total number of hashtags that can be put or the amount of hashtags that can be added to each product.
  • This hashtag feature does not support the feature of uploading products using CSV.
  • This hashtag feature can only be managed through the User CMS Platform, and not on the mobile application
  • This hashtag feature is available only to Business and Business Plus merchants.