Commonly Used Terms in Facebook / Instagram

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1. Actions on Page: No. of clicks on the contact information of your page and the call-to-action button.

2. Page Views: No. of views in your page, including views from both online and offline users.

3. Page Previews: No. of times that users hovered over your page’s name or profile picture to look over the preview of your content.

4. Page Likes: No. of likes from new users on your Facebook Page.

5. Reach/Impressions: No. of people who viewed any post from your page.

6. Recommendations: No. of times that users have recommended your page.

7. Post Engagements: No. of times that users are involved in your posts through likes, comments and shares.

8. Videos: Total no. of times that users would view more than 3 seconds of any video of any length in your page. It would be classified into three types, the total number of views, paid and unpaid videos.

9. Page Followers: No. of new users following your page, differentiated into paid and unpaid.