8 Essential Tools for IG Users

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How do I effectively increase my followers and fans on Instagram? Is there an automated approach to help me with this? Does Instagram allow me to have automated scheduled-posts? Boutir is here to give you 8 TOP Instagram preparatory tools to help you solve these burning questions so that you would have a peace of mind in managing your store!

1. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a platform that allows you to set your ready made Instagram posts to have a scheduled date on which it will be published and posted. After publishing your scheduled post, Hootsuite will notify you through email. Afraid of being forgetful? Fear no more as Hootsuite’s got your back!

2. Combin


Combin is a software that can be installed on to your desktop and a tool that does advanced searches for your targeted audiences, making use of features like hashtagging and location on Instagram. This narrows down specific audiences that you can interact with. By setting tasks to like, comment and follow specific users, you can interact with many users at one go. The best part is, these complicated and boring tasks will be done for you by Combin, even for free users!

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3. Repost


The Repost application allows Instagram users to easily repost other posts made by another user. These reposted posts will display the Instagram account’s name where it originated from.

4. Social Insight


Social Insight not only lets you schedule your posts in advance, it is also a software that is dedicated to analysing statistics on Instagram. As compared to Instagram Business Profile’s data analytics, Social Insight provides you with much more detailed and focused data and metrics about your targeted audience (ie. The best time to publish your posts, your engagement rate, most engaging photo filters). With all these golden nuggets of information at hand, Social Insight will aid you in getting the best performance out of your Instagram posts.

5. Crowdfire


Crowdfire aids you in differentiating active followers from inactive ones on social media platforms. It helps eliminate the inactive ones, enabling your social media accounts to be better focused by following potential interested users.



Instagram is a tool that heavily relies on images/photos, thus uploading aesthetically pleasing images/photos is essential in helping you better engage your audiences. VSCO helps you to readily capture and edit photos. It is extremely easy to use. Just download the VSCO’s mobile application and you can start experimenting with your own brand’s photo aesthetics!

7. Kapwing


For merchants who do not have a video editing software to create stunning content, you can consider using this tool for free. Kapwing is a tool that specialises in editing GIFs, videos and images. Additionally, Kapwing has awesome features like adding text, music and filter effects, etc., on to your videos, GIFs and images.

8. instacard


8. Other than helping you add up to 5 different links to your Instagram account’s bio so that your followers can view and reach out to your store on the social media platforms, this instacard provides product recommendations to your customers too! Killing two birds with one stone– eliminating your dilemma of the links to use, all while promoting your products. Using this instacard, customers can reach out to you and shop at the same time. Talk about convenience!

To find out more: http://bit.ly/instacardtoolblog

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