Why do we need customers’ reviews?

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We have always emphasised the importance of letting your customers give reviews on your products. However, many merchants would worry as they cannot control what is said about their products. All reviews, the good and the bad, can be seen by everyone. Nevertheless, we would still like to explain why it is a need for your store to have customers’ reviews and how it will be beneficial in increasing your sales.

1. Build potential customers’ trust

As we all know, people will read past reviews written by others about the product that they are about to buy. Why? Simply because of getting more objective views and opinions from people with experience using the product rather than just blindly believing claims made by the store. For example, checking if the price fair enough, whether the products are of good quality, how is the customer service etc. Such opinions are key deciding factors in making their purchase.

2. Company with an open-minded nature

No matter how good or bad the comments are, just by going through and replying to customers in the comment section shows that you are willing to listen to different opinions and is not ignorant to feedback and criticism. Those comments could help you to improve your products to be of the best quality. With the improvements made to your products, customers will definitely come back for more.

3. Provide more valuable information to your customers

Customers can always find much more valuable information in the comments like whether the products are larger or smaller than the standard size or are of moderate size, the thickness of the fabric material used, or even suggestions on the best size that could fit a person standing at the height of 160cm. These third-person opinions can let customers have a deeper understanding of your products or even your brand.

How to encourage more customers to leave a review on your stores?

Before mailing the products, you can attach a memo and request customers to write a short review or comment after receiving the products.  Other than this, you can also use social media to encourage them. Put up rewards to encourage customers to leave comments. For example, giving your customers a 10% off coupon for their next purchase after leaving a comment. This motivates them to shop again too!

But most importantly, your store should enable the comment/review function first!