What is Social Marketing?

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From the era of Web 1.0 to Web 3.0, web surfing is no longer just about the reader searching the web for content. The internet boundaries have blurred, and anyone can now also become a “content creator” on the web to create information. Now, communication between people is done through social groups. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc., have all become the main platforms for social interaction between people of the 21st century.

The reason for Social Media platforms prospering, is not only that it paths another marketing channel for internet giants, but it also lets smaller internet merchants to take a small share of the retail market. As compared to the traditional advertising methods, current consumers rely more on the reviews on social media and the sharing made by their friends on social media as well, and they no longer stand from their own point of view, but rather from the viewpoint of the media community.

The definition of Social Media Marketing:

The act of using various social media platforms, to allows large enterprises, as well as small and medium enterprises, attract customers to achieve their marketing goals.

A Successful Social Marketing:

1. The Power of “Consumers Influencing Consumers”

Through users interaction on social media (comments, likes, sharing etc.), and influencing each other individually, to reach marketing goal of the product. That is why the content of this post has to also be interesting, and not simply be a post on marketing.

2. Personalised Experience

Social Media is a personalised platform, if a merchant just use the usual hard-selling way in their promotions, then it would definitely be difficult to catch the eyes’ of the consumers. On the other hand, social media is also a platform that relies on activity. An act like replying to comments means that merchants should put themselves in the other party’s shoe, in order to pull closer the distance between them, and build brand loyalty.

3. Multiple Channels

Social Media have already became a part of modern people’s lives and just one platform alone is definitely not sufficient. Rather, there should be multiple channels used to attract users using different channels, and at the same time also increase the chances for a greater number of customers that can chance upon your brand. For example, when considering to set up your brand in Hong Kong, you can set up both Facebook and Instagram as your social media pages.  


Especially in the business environment in Hong Kong, renting a physical shop is extremely expensive, and with the fact that many people when choosing to start their business, would choose to start online, also means that community marketing is especially suitable for them.