How to create your own QR Code?

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Many online store owners often set up booths at events or shopping malls to sell their products. At the same time, they aim to help their web store gain more exposure by introducing their web store to customers who make purchases from them. In such situations, QR Code would come into play. In this article, we would introduce some online QR code generators.

QR Code Generators:


This software allows you to generate QR codes for many types of documents be it text, SMS, Facebook page, PDF, MP3, App Store. If you create an account, you can even include your logo in the QR code and gain tracking functions.


Very easy to use without any registration needed but it does not come with any tracking functions.


This allows for QR codes to be created without any accounts and you could even include logos, colour or any other design.

As mentioned earlier, many web store owners often set up booths in events or shopping malls. In this situation, the QR code could be set up with the Scan & Buy function where customers can easily become members and make purchases just by scanning the QR code.